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.NET Framework 是 Microsoft 推出的另另一个全面且一致的编程模型,用于构建具有以下特点的应用多多系统进程 :在外观方面提供无以伦比的用户体验;支持无缝而安全的通信;能能为一系列业务流程建立模型。

.NET Framework最初发布于2002年,被微软视为主要产品(级别等同于Windows、Office),但是享受五年主流支持和五年扩展支持的5+5生命周期策略,这也是微软产品线中最常见的支持形式。

.NET Micro Framework 4.2 RTM更新如下:

   Remote Firmware Update: The .NET Micro Framework SDK and PK now support updating your device firmware remotely.

   Complete Cryptographic Object Model over PCKS #11: Most types and algorithms used in the desktop framework are now supported. PKCS #11 allows extensibility at the firmware level for adding new cryptographic tokens.

   1-Wire, PWM and A/D object model: Support for PWM and A/D operations is now provided as a standard interface. 1-Wire is provided through a community development effort

   SNTP and FTP (client and server):Support for SNTP and FTP is provided as a community development effort.

   StringBuilder and Regex types:Support for StringBuilder and Regex is provided as a community development effort.

   VB.NET: The SDK now support VB.NET.

   Support for Cortex M3 devices with STM32 processor family samples:The support for the STM32 family is provided as a community development effort and features two solutions for two different development boards. See the Porting Kit for details.

   PKStudio: PKStudio supplements SolutionWizard to create solutions for the Porting Kit environment. See the Porting Kit distribution for details. (PKStudio code can be in the community branch under %SPOCLIENT%\CLR\Tools\PlatformDesigner\PKStudio and the binaries are instead in the %SPOCLIENT%\Tools\bin\PKStudio directory ready to use)

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